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At IMTAB, we respect your privacy. We want to ensure that you get the information, content, and experiences that matter most to you. IMTAB, a member of the ISTO federation of alliance programs, is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, customers, volunteers, and other contacts. It is the policy of ISTO to not request, collect, or maintain personal data other than what is required for the reasonable and necessary conduct of its trade associations.

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About IMTAB 

To further advance interoperability in the industry, Synopsys is sponsoring an Interconnect Technical Advisory Board (IMTAB) with broad industry participation to shepherd the development of its ITF format as an interoperable interconnect parasitic modeling format. The IMTAB will develop, review and vote on extensions to the ITF format that are seen as beneficial to the industry.

The IMTAB site provides the latest news and information regarding the ITF format and the IMTAB.

Participation in IMTAB is restricted to members only.  Current members include AMD, Broadcom Ltd., Global Foundries,MediaTek, Mentor Graphics, NVIDIA, STMicroelectronics and Synopsys.

About ITF

Synopsys' Interconnect Technology Format (ITF) provides detailed modeling of interconnect parasitic effects that enables designers to perform accurate parasitic extraction for timing, signal integrity, power and reliability signoff analysis. ITF offers a flexible and innovative format to accurately model the effects of increased process variation at advanced process technologies. ITF has been evolving for more than 10 years and is the semiconductor industry’s most widely used interconnect modeling format. It is supported by leading semiconductor foundries and integrated device manufacturers, and is proven on thousands of production designs.

ITF information and licensing access is available through Synopsys’ Technology Access Program (TAP-in™).

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